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Jonathan C. Reiter News : Off-duty NYPD charged with pedestrian hit and run reports Queens injury attorney

Off-duty NYPD charged with pedestrian hit and run reports Queens injury attorney

An off duty NYPD detective was charged for the hit and run accident that injured an 82-year-old woman, states NY pedestrian accident lawyer Reiter.

Jonathan Reiter, attorney, discusses police officer hit and run.
Off-duty NYPD charged with pedestrian hit and run reports Queens injury attorney

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An off-duty New York Police Department detective was charged with leaving the scene of an accident after an incident on Hollis Avenue and 199th Street in Queens on April 15, 2012, according to information received by Queens injury attorney Jonathan C Reiter. The victim of the hit and run was an 82-year-old woman.

Authorities report that Michael Fantroy, 42, was off duty and driving his personal car when he struck a woman and fled the scene. Doris Gadpaille was taken to a hospital where she received treatment for a fractured face, bruised hip and lacerations to her hip and hand.

New York City pedestrian accident lawyer Jonathan C Reiter explains that Fantroy allegedly ran a red light and struck the woman at 10:15 pm, on April 15. A witness to the accident, Robert Jones, followed Fantroy to his Queens residence, according to criminal reports, where upon he alerted police to his whereabouts.

Fantroy was charged with two counts of leaving the scene without reporting an injury, states Queens injury attorney Reiter. He faces up to four years behind bars for the charges. His bail was posted at $2,500. A 15-year veteran of the force, he has been suspended without pay and placed on modified duty.

Intersections present one of the most significant risks to pedestrians. In fact the approximately two-thirds of pedestrian fatality accidents, occur at intersections such as the intersection where the victim of the Hollis crash was crossing.

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