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Jonathan C. Reiter News : NYC Worker Injured in Subway Construction Accident

NYC Worker Injured in Subway Construction Accident

A worker was pinned in quicksand-like mud for four hours after falling into a construction pit, explains NY construction accident attorney Jonathan C Reiter.

NYC Subway construction accident injures one.
NYC Worker Injured in Subway Construction Accident

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A construction worker was hospitalized with hypothermia after he was rescued from a Second Avenue Subway construction accident in New York City, Tuesday, March 12, 2013. The man was trapped in mud up to his chest for four hours before finally being freed, explains NY construction accident attorney Jonathan C. Reiter.

The worker fell into the mud at approximately 8:30 Tuesday night at Second Avenue and East 95th, where excavation is being done for the future 96th Street Station. Over 150 firefighters worked to free the man by putting a rope around him to keep him in place while pumps removed water from the area.

“It was acting like quicksand, acting like a suction and it was difficult trying to free the person’s one leg that was trapped in that area,” explained FDNY Assistant Chief Ronald Spadafora to the press.

The worker was conscious during the rescue process, and advised to remain still during the entire ordeal, under the fear that movement would suck him deeper into the mud. A doctor was brought into the operation to monitor his health.

“The biggest problem with the firefighters was trying to negotiate around the deep mud due to the suction effect. We had a few members who got stuck themselves we had to extricate,” reported FDNY Chief Donald Hayde.

Three firefighters were injured during the rescue as well, with non-serious injuries.

The worker was finally freed at approximately 12:30 am, whereupon he was transported to a hospital.

Work on the new station has been stopped until the agency devises a plan to prevent similar accidents. The MTA is conducting an investigation.

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