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Jonathan C. Reiter News : Lincoln Tunnel Bus Crash Injures Passengers Headed to NYC

Lincoln Tunnel Bus Crash Injures Passengers Headed to NYC

New York City bus accident attorney Jonathan C. Reiter discusses 2-bus crash that injured several passengers.

Lincoln Tunnel bus crash injures 20
Lincoln Tunnel Bus Crash Injures Passengers Headed to NYC

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On Monday, November 12, 2012, about 20 passengers aboard a New Jersey Transit bus were taken to New York area hospitals after the bus was rear ended by a Martz Trailways bus near the Lincoln Tunnel, which travels between New York City and New Jersey. The crash closed the tunnel for approximately three hours, according to information received by New York City bus accident attorney Jonathan c Reiter.

“None of the injuries that were reported to us are life-threatening injuries, and we are very grateful for that,” explained Martz Trailways corporate director of safety, Michael Jordan.

The Martz bus originated in Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania at about 5:15 am, reported Jordan, and stopped in Mount Pocono to pick up passengers. The 55-seat bus crashed at approximately 7:15 am. Both buses were disabled and towed from the scene. The New Jersey transit bus was carrying 45 passengers.

While no injuries were deemed life threatening, two were reported to be serious and three passengers were taken out of the buses atop backboards.

Mr. Reiter, an experienced NY bus accident attorney, noted, that the U.S. DOT reports that there are 12,000 people hurt and more than 300 people lose their lives each year in the US from tour and charter bus accidents. Tour and charter buses company owners must make improvements in the driver selection and training process so that the buses are being operated as safely as possible.

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