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10.12 2011
Private helicopter crashes shortly after takeoff, plunges into East River, according to New York aviation lawyer J C Reiter.
10.05 2011
Pedestrian suffers head injuries and broken leg after Manhattan DUI accident, according to New York City injury attorney, Jonathan C Reiter
09.20 2011
New York City injury lawyer discusses shootout between suspect and eight NYPD officers that resulted in the death of an innocent party.
09.18 2011
New York City injury attorney discusses SUV rollover accident caused by reckless driver that resulted in the death of one, injuries to others.
09.18 2011
Brooklyn injury attorney explains a man was killed after suffering injuries from a motorcycle crash and botched rescue.
08.28 2011
New York City personal injury attorney explains: NYC Sanitation driver injured after truck crashes through above-ground parking garage wall.
08.24 2011
An SUV rollover crash in North Carolina kills 3 of 8 family members from New York.
08.17 2011
New York City auto accident attorney discusses recent Queens car crash that killed Australian girl.
08.08 2011
Manhattan bus accident lawyer explains: Latest New York bus crash third in a series of injurious bus accidents this year.
08.01 2011
Manhattan bus accident lawyer explains: the New York bus crash latest among long list of fatal bus crashes.