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01.27 2012
Jonathan C Reiter explains how Costa Concordia disaster is likely the responsibility of cruise ship owner and operator.
01.15 2012
A woman driving north in a southbound lane hit a tractor-trailer, causing her death and injuries to 4, according to New York City injury attorney JC Reiter.
01.04 2012
Cab jumps curb, causing 4 pedestrian injuries, relates New York City injury lawyer Jonathan C. Reiter.
01.01 2012
2011 may show lowest rates of traffic-related deaths for New York City, explains Manhattan injury attorney Reiter.
12.15 2011
A pedestrian fatality occurred after a Bronx man was struck by a school bus, explains New York City injury attorney Jonathan C Reiter.
12.06 2011
An off duty officer’s vehicle was catapulted off the BQE after it was struck by another vehicle, explains New York City auto accident lawyer JC Reiter.
12.01 2011
A Bronx neighborhood has introduced a "slow zone" to help combat speeding motorists and preventable accidents, reports Bronx accident attorney Jonathan Reiter.
11.21 2011
Deviations from industry standards led to a collapse that killed one and injured five others, reports New York construction accident attorney Jonathan Reiter.
10.26 2011
New York bus crash leaves 8 injured, according to info received by New York City injury attorney Jonathan C Reiter.
10.24 2011
Car runs stop sign, causes 2-vehicle crash that results in 4 injured, according to Bronx injury lawyer J C Reiter.