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04.23 2012
New York City is proposing a Midtown walkway for pedestrians, explains Manhattan accident attorney Jonathan C Reiter.
04.12 2012
A crane collapse in Manhattan resulted in the death of one plus serious injuries to another, as reported by New York City injury attorney Reiter.
04.09 2012
A three-vehicle accident resulted in 12 injured, explains Brooklyn injury lawyer Jonathan C Reiter.
03.26 2012
A 45-year-old woman was critically injured after being struck by a hit and run vehicle while riding her bicycle, explains Long Island injury lawyer Reiter.
03.15 2012
New York City injury attorney discusses early morning DWI crash that resulted in injuries to six people.
03.09 2012
A crane cable snapped and dropped a load of steel 40 stories, explains Manhattan construction accident lawyer Reiter.
02.20 2012
New York City auto accident attorney Reiter discusses Bronx car crash that killed 3, injured 2.
02.15 2012
New York City wrongful death attorney Reiter discusses a series of 4 deaths in NYC subways in less than 24 hours.
02.09 2012
A young girl was killed at a Manhattan intersection with a history of incidents, according to Manhattan injury lawyer Reiter.
02.01 2012
Staten Island injury attorney Jonathan C Reiter discusses two auto accidents in New York City.