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09.12 2012
A speeding SUV crashed into a support pole, flipping and catching fire, explains New York City car accident lawyer, Jonathan C. Reiter.
09.07 2012
Two men were seriously injured when struck by an intoxicated driver in an SUV running a red light, explains NY motorcycle accident lawyer Jonathan C. Reiter.
07.03 2012
Two crashes occurred back to back in Brooklyn, explains New York City injury attorney Jonathan C Reiter.
06.28 2012
Queens crash that resulted from distracted driving is discussed by Manhattan accident lawyer Jonathan Reiter.
06.13 2012
The NTSB report on a March 2011 crash that killed 15 is explained by New York City injury attorney Jonathan Reiter
06.05 2012
Oil industry drivers face increased hazards due to poorly maintained vehicles and fatigue, states Manhattan auto accident lawyer Reiter.
05.22 2012
The Bronx Zoo crash that killed occurred on a stretch of the Bronx River Parkway known for its danger, explains Bronx injury lawyer Jonathan Reiter.
05.14 2012
An off duty NYPD detective was charged for the hit and run accident that injured an 82-year-old woman, states NY pedestrian accident lawyer Reiter.
05.07 2012
A three-car collision resulted in injuries to 10, including 4 pedestrians, explains New York City auto accident attorney Reiter.
05.01 2012
A construction worker was injured after being struck and pinned by a concrete slab, explains New York City construction accident attorney Reiter.