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04.20 2013
A driver and pedestrian were injured after the driver lost control of his car and crashed into a Midtown deli reports NY car accident attorney Jonathan Reiter.
03.19 2013
Students returning from a visit to Harvard were involved in a Calvary Coach bus crash that injured 35, explains NY bus accident attorney Jonathan C Reiter.
03.19 2013
The MTA is considering an alarm system for when someone is on the tracks, explains New York City injury lawyer Jonathan C Reiter.
01.21 2013
The New York premises liability lawyers of the Law Firm of Jonathan C Reiter discuss New York premises liability.
01.07 2013
The driver of a tour bus that crashed in 2011 and killed 15 people was found not guilty of manslaughter, reports NYC wrongful death attorney.
01.04 2013
The New York subway accident injury lawyers of the Law Firm of Jonathan C. Reiter discuss violent subway accident injury claims.
12.31 2012
A Bronx man was killed after an industrial-sized AC unit fell on top of him, explains New York City construction accident lawyer Jonathan C. Reiter.
12.19 2012
New York City bus accident attorney Jonathan C. Reiter discusses 2-bus crash that injured several passengers.
12.13 2012
Many were left questioning their legal rights to compensation after a NY crane collapse during Hurricane Sandy, say New York construction accident lawyers.
12.12 2012
The American Society of Civil Engineers warned city officials of flood dangers, explains NY injury lawyer Jonathan C. Reiter.
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